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At the end of a busy day, do you really want to go shopping? Especially for mundane daily staples, like underwear, toiletries and ready meals. Popular in America, more and more box subscription services are popping up in the UK. Original a gift-sending service, for make-up, wine and chocolates, there are now a wide range of subscription services delivering foodstuffs, toiletries, luxury and everyday products, direct to your door.

With a subscription service, you will pay a regular fee (usually monthly) for a constant, guaranteed supply of a product. The vendors of these boxes are buying specialist products in bulk, so goods by subscription are cheaper, just like traditional magazine subscriptions. So there are some real savings to be made by subscribing to a service which regularly delivers the things you already need. Magazine readers and contact lens wearers have been taking advantage of subscriptions for years. Now there’s much more available:

Hello Fresh: Not quite dining out, but a chef-prepared dish for dinner. Hello Fresh boxes contain a recipe card and just the right amount of each ingredient, for you to cook a different, simple meal, using fresh ingredients every time. There’s no shopping, no food preparation, and little waste. You simply cook the meal and enjoy something better than a microwave ready meal.

Graze: Graze deliver a box of healthy snacks every month, doing away with those impulsive dives to the nearest shop for something unhealthy. They’ve recently added tea and kids’ snacks to their range, so this is a healthy family saver.

Vinoa and Beer52: If you enjoy a moderate tipple every now and then, Vinoa and Beer52 aren’t the cheapest but they are also not an off-licence you can to walk to. Vinoa Beer 52 will deliver a selection of hand-picked wines and beers respectively to your door every month.

Book and Brew: Cosy up with a good book and a nice cup of tea. Every month they’ll send you a must-read book and a box of premium tea to sip as you read. They do kids’ boxes too, with activity books and healthy, natural drinks included.

Subscription services for daily necessities are too many and varied to list individually, but just like the selection above, they are all customisable for personal needs and preferences. Contact lenses by post have been the norm for many people for a while but it’s now possible to buy many other things by subscription: Oral care kits will include toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss and anything else you use regularly. Male and female care and grooming products, shaving kits and hair care, even sanitary and contraceptive products. They can all be delivered to your door, without a mundane shopping trip every time.

Beware of oversubscribing and losing track. Forgotten and unwanted subscriptions currently cost the UK £300m per month. So, subscription management is important. Keep track of your subscriptions and occasionally compare them with others coming onto the market. All in one place, with

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