About Us

SmartBill idea came up because the founding team kept finding free trials that had turned into subscription payments that either went unnoticed as they were hidden within our transaction history, or cancelling them was a lot of hassle.

We devised SmartBill which is essentially your personal “Account Guardian” that does all of the following:

1. Intelligently identify ALL the recurring charges on your account, not just Direct Debits and Standing Orders like your current online banking platform.

The only way to get an accurate view of this right now is to compare statements on a monthly, quarterly, semi annual basis etc. – We can’t believe it either.

2.Save money by cancelling any unwanted subscription payments, in a single click, whilst we do the leg work for you.

Independent research suggests this could be as £300+ p.a. in your first year alone.

3.Set up reminders for contract renewals to allow you time to shop around for the best deal on your contracts before you are automatically entered into more expensive contracts

4.Set up email alerts for Price Hikes, Duplicate Payments and Overdraft fees so you can challenge these and get your money back if required.